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Experience true data driven insurance solutions.

AIS is a data driven insurance brokerage specializing in the efficient distribution of global insurance solutions to underserved and undersupported industries and coverages. We combine decades of insurance / reinsurance expertise and technical skills, with a daily commitment to exceptional service and technological innovation. Each risk is unique in character, need and size, as are the innovative policies we implement to cover those risks each and every day.
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Understanding Clients
Sourcing Information
Marketing Risk
Presenting Options
Servicing Priority
Improving Daily

The AIS Process:

Understanding Clients: We take time to understand the challenge of the risk, the position of our clients, and the needs of the insured.

Sourcing Information: We source underwriting data from many sources to help produce quality submissions that illustrate the risk, its similarities and position against other risks and highlight the needs of the insured.

Marketing Risk: We efficiently present the uniqueness of each risk to our partner carriers & syndicates around the globe based on an up to date understanding of their risk appetite.

Presenting Options: We present options. It is the choice of our clients, and their insureds, as to what their personal tolerance is for premium, risk, and coverage. Options illustrate the market’s everchanging current heartbeat, and we stay up to the minute by presenting options.

Servicing Priority: We are built on service and that commitment will never waiver. We are always ready to take on our clients’ challenges and solve their needs.

Improving Daily: We see the insurance market changing in coverages, rates and strategies every day. That is why we invest in technology for efficiencies and data, invest in coverage innovations for policy gaps and needs and invest in our workforce for growth and knowledge.